I am no longer alone in my depression



“No longer am I alone in my depression. I can now see that it is up to me to form new friendships with others in the fellowship of the  Depressed Anonymous group. I have found persons who understand me and my problems. I also learn coping skills and new positive behaviors  from my fellow group members.”

One of the best things about belonging to a Depressed Anonymous group is that a person will find support and acceptance here. Frequently those persons who begin to work the 12 step program begin to realize that instead of waiting to stay isolated and sad that it’s  the acceptance they receive in the Depressed Anonymous group that keeps them coming back to the meetings. Another reason people keep coming back to the group is that members of the group place no conditions on you or judgments when you join the group.

They love you and accept you just the way you are. That’s pretty neat I’d say. ..”

Source: Copyright(c)  Believing is Seeing:  15  Ways to leave  the prison  of  depression.  (2017) Depressed Anonymous  Publications.  Louisville.KY.Page 20.  #4.

Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville  Ky.

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2 thoughts on “I am no longer alone in my depression”

  1. How True…
    I have been fortunate to have witness 4 groups form and the support and acceptance at all of them ! It was magical.

    I have never felt judged by anyone there and have been to quite a few meetings! I have found friends, some that have left the group, and still kept in touch with.


    1. Thanks Bob for the comment about your experiences with the fellowship of Depressed Anonymous It was especially heartwarming to hear how much you appreciated the acceptance and the support of the group. And the fact that when a person attends Depressed Anonymous meetings and share your own experiences with depression we become kindred spirits. I know the feeling. It happens all the time. Where else can you go to a meeting, not feel judged for what you say. By attending DA meetings you know you are in the midst of the right people because we all speak the same language.
      You mentioned how your experience was magical! I have heard time and again about the “magic of the group.” It does seem that way–especially when new members come and open up and talk about their lives–even though no one at the group is obliged to say anything.

      Again, Bob, thanks for being there for others and telling us how the newly formed groups have made a difference in your life. Keep carrying the message of hope to those still suffering.

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