I refuse to be a victim.


” It has been my experience that those who come to at least six Depressed Anonymous meetings in a  row or more  can discover how their lives take on a new hope with a spiritual outlook they never imagined possible. So, if you find yourself depressed and want to do something about it–make a decision today to feel better and attend a meeting near you. If a group is not available -read the DA literature.

So many times I have found persons who tell me that they didn’t really know that they had a choice. Namely, they hadn’t heard that there was a way to get yourself out of depression  with work, time and a step by step program. They hadn’t heard someone say that now you have a choice to get out of your depression.  We see this happen all the time at the Depressed Anonymous meetings.

The First Step of Depressed A nonymous says that” we admitted that we were powerless over depression and that our lives had become unmanageable.” We know and believe that we are no longer victims.

“Now that I have admitted that I am powerless over my depression  I don’t do myself any good blaming myself with those daily reminders of how bad and unacceptable I am. I now am conscious of a new path out of my misery.”

SOURCE: (C) BELIEVING IS SEEING: 15 WAYS TO LEAVE THE PRISON OF DEPRESSION (2015)   Hugh Smith  Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.KY.

2 thoughts on “I refuse to be a victim.

  1. I live in Hampshire and have been a depressed person all my life … I am now 58 years old I need to change.. is there a group I could attend close to me?

    • Good morning Jacqueline
      At the present there do not seem to be any groups in Hampshire in the UK. You can join the ONLINE Home Study Group if you like. That is a guided program of recovery fir the depressed which you might find very helpful. Also, you can go online for a Wednesday and Sunday ONLINE discussion SKYPE group program. Please take a look at the MENU at our website depressedanon.com for more information on how to hookup with this excellent program led by leaders who use the Steps. Actually, it is a Depressed Anonymous meeting online. It’s like you are at a real DA meeting. I think you would profit form this.
      Thank you and best to you.

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