I want to change!


“When I keep my focus on the solution and not on the problem, my attitude seems to lighten up! “Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.”

This expression is one of the many Promises made to those of us who want to follow and live out the 12 Steps of Recovery in our daily lives. By doing so we are able to change the  way we think, feel and act everyday of our lives. How is this possible you might ask? Well, for starters, you are given a dynamic action plan for  your guide all the time, 24/7. That in itself is something that I had been looking for when I found myself locked down, in a corner, emotionally,  spiritually  and  psychologically.  I was in a hole and I knew I had to stop digging.

“My depression was my constant companion. There was no change. It was like a shadow that went anywhere and everywhere I went.  It was then that  I decided that I’d rather have security and hope as my daily companions. I’ve decided that I can choose between being depressed and being serene. Misery is an option. I know that since I have been in denial about my depression continually weighing me down for years, I am making a decision that  I believe my faith in my abilities can cause me to feel differently about myself. My new life is trying to live without depression. The more I succumb to wanting to isolate myself and hunker down with my depression, the sicker I get.  I know that I will find a new beginning by ridding myself of any fear that is oppressing me now, today. The only thing that can make me insecure is to slip back into that awful feeling of sadness and with the  belief that I will never feel better. Now I also  feel secure  being back in contact with God, as I understand God, my Higher Power. My new faith in my Higher Power makes me fearless.”

A solution for me is to be part of a fellowship of men and women who are looking to have that same    hope as did  I   more than 30 years ago. The solution came to me in  a prepackaged format, Depressed Anonymous, a book which outlined how to live this new life, while simultaneously putting me on a  path of hope.    Not only have I stayed on this path these many years but I have given to others how they can have the same experiences as I have.

I continue to share my gift with you, which  is the “gift of my depression experience. Without this experience,  my life would never have turned into the powerful reality  that it is today.  In fact, I am doing right now what I have been doing most of my adult life–sharing with  hurting depressed people how there is hope and serenity.

The biggest gift is to know there are many Depressed Anonymous groups around the world who are willing to share with  you their own stories of  being set free from the chains of depression.  We are a community of hope. Will you join us?

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