“I will focus daily on my stars and not my scars.”

The ELEVENTH WAY to leave the prison of depression: An  excerpt from  Believing is seeing: 15 Ways to leave the prison of depression. Depressed Anonymous Publications. (2015) Louisville.

“I will make a daily inventory of all my positive strengths.  I tended to magnify the worst in everything in my life and make mountains out of molehills. I will focus on my stars and not my scars.”

One of the problems of being depressed is that every circumstance and situation is filled with potential hurt and disappointment.  The depressed person has a tendency to think in patterns of despair, hurt and disappointment. It appears to be a proven fact that the more a person keeps the fears and anxious thoughts to themselves, this can cause the mountain to  grow larger. But by sharing these fears and thoughts with others, either by writing them out, as in a daily journal, or group  discussion, we soon discover that our fears are  not as big as we thought. The expression of fear many times  decreases the size of the fear. Now that we are accepting ourselves we can begin to see that we possess strength and a persistence to tackle whatever obstacle lies ahead.”

ACTION PLAN: Take your pen and /or pencil and begin writing your  thoughts  down in response to the questions posed in THE DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS WORKBOOK. You can find questions that not only help you discover what your strengths are but also how to put these strengths to use in your own personal recovery.

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