If you want to get somewhere, you have to know how to get there

That seemed to be my problem  years back when I knew I needed to  get somewhere,  do something about how awful I felt, and move on with my life. There was a problem. I didn’t know where that “somewhere” was.

How many times have I heard people tell me the same story of knowing they were needing  to do something — but what? They knew people took pills, some went to  psychiatrists, counselors and  many went to see their spiritual guides.  Some, in despair, drove their cars into  bridge abutments. 

I for one, was  that lost nomad in the desert, feeling a need to get somewhere.  I had not an inkling of how to get there. And in today’s world, this  potentially life-threatening  and painful  experience is  of tsunami proportions. Many persons don’t know that there is  a ” way to get there.”

“Somebody, anybody,  show me a way out!” All of us  want out of this pain. We  have found every path leading to a dead end.  The sad spiral downward into dark and desperate moods doesn’t let up.

Yesterday I received an email from someone from the other side of the world. He was wanting to know how to  reach an all-knowing  guru at the top of the mountain who would teach him a way out. The  main thing is that he knew he wanted to get somewhere. He read on the Internet  that Depressed Anonymous, a group of people were actively  discovering  “how to get there.”  They had a plan.  Not that the group had actually arrived at the top of the mountain, a heightened Nirvana, but  realized that there was hope here. It wasn’t a   sure-fire plan that always worked for all seekers, but  we knew that if you wanted to get there, it was available  to anyone who wanted to work its power in their own life. 

Our friend from the other side of the world  had read on the Internet (www.depressedanon.com) how men and women, young and old, had ended up together on this journey,  each one of the fellow travelers  becoming like a  road sign, with neon lights flashing out in great large letters, “we know how to get there. We’ll show you the way!” 

(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.KY

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