I can live each moment as it comes. I can live only in today. Today is all I have.

“Try to work out which is your habitual response to change which you see as dangerous, so that as you dare to explore you don’t suddenly find yourself running away to the safety of old ways, or resisting the new ideas with old prejudices.( 3)


I find that when I am depressed I find all the comfort in the predictable and the familiar.  Right now, I am in battle for my life and I am going to stay and work things out. My feelings are agitated and make me feel very uncomfortable, but I know that it is only by feeling them and accepting them (not run away) that I will, and can in time, begin to taste the freedom of a new me beginning to be born.  I believe that by desiring change, this desire will produce a greater motivation in my self to think and feel differently.

This is an important concept when I am depressed. I desire the safety of the familiar and the predictable.


God, help me to live in the peace and the serenity  of the present moment. And let us be aware of the moment when we begin to depress ourselves.  Alert us to the moment that we can CHOOSE to turn our minds to something more constructive.

SOURCE: Higher Thoughts for down days(c). (March 17).

2 thoughts on “TODAY IS ALL I HAVE”

  1. Today is St.Patrick’s Day and I want to be happy, but I am not. But this year I am staying home and not beating my self up over that. I think this is an improvement, I really want to be healthy happy and enjoy the rest of my life, as much as I can, and when a day like today comes along, I just have to go with it and do what I can to keep going forward and not spiral down into that black abyss we all know as melancholy.

    1. Hi Rhaniaker
      Congratulations! I think you took a major step in your own personal recovery by not “beating yourself up” as you say. We all who are depressed know all about that don’t we? Not to spiral down into melancholy –as you put it– spoke to me a whole bunch–
      Let’s celebrate that if you did something once you can surly do it again. SO you had a victory today. Please let us know more about your strengths in beating depression today and taking responsibility for your recovery today. Please keep us up to date on your recovery if you like!

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