A red thread, a beautiful tapestry, patterns and God’s will.


Some of us, in groups and individually, work the Steps according to the month. What this means is  when April 1st (4th month) arrives, we start spending quality  time studying  our  Step #4. This Step states that we “Made a fearless moral and searching inventory of ourselves.”  For many  of our members, myself included, we  use our Depressed  Anonymous Workbook in conjunction with our Depressed Anonymous book to discover  the patterns  of our lives that keep us from being our best selves.  The patterns have formed habits and these habits can end up becoming  addictions. Could it be that these  patterns  of our thinking, feeling   and  behavior keep us imprisoned in our depression? Is it now that we feel we are continually circling around in that morass of hopelessness and helplessness? Like any addiction, we feel there is no way out.

It is here   I  want to quote  from  Maria von Trappe  (Maria of musical The Sound of Music) who shared this thought:

“It will  be very interesting one day to follow the pattern of our life as it is spread out like a beautiful tapestry …. in looking back we can discover how a red thread goes through the pattern of our life: the will of God. ”  Quoted in  the Publication: Give us this day. Liturgical Press. Collegeville, MN. March 26,

As I   examine my life,   attempting  to discover  that red thread, I have found that there actually is a red thread   moving through my life tapestry.  The red thread  is there   for me and it is like looking into a rear view mirror showing me where I have been on this life journey.  There are these life patterns  consistently appearing  during the good times and the tough times of our lives.  Even a pattern in which I see life as   difficult and  the world a dangerous place. Many of these negative patterns and  fearful thoughts may start in our childhood and gradually become  even more pronounced as  patterns. But that red thread continues  its weaving through  our life   tapestry into   our adult lives.  For some the red thread   moves  forward along with a pattern of pessimism, while  providing us at the same time with  hope. And as I look over my own past life, I see that my negativity,   always following   me  into most of my relationships. Now as I   look at the whole life tapestry as part of my fourth step inventory, stretching as it does from birth to this day, I am able to see patterns which have formed over time, crippling and making feel less than. But even during the painful times I can still see that that red thread, the will of God, has always been there operating in my life, accompanying  me on my life journey, invisible, but still there  like the silent whisper of the wind, providing  me with hope.   Now I can see that the red thread  hasn’t just formed,  it has been there as for long as I can remember.  My present belief in a power greater than my depression is gradually setting me free. Today. Everyday.

I  know  how some Depressed Anonymous groups  work this  Fourth Step Study  on an ongoing basis. For example, there  are International Depressed Anonymous Skype Group meetings  who come together everyday of the week on the Internet.  You can access these group meeting  by going to https://join.skype.com and then signing in at 2019depanon@hotmail.com. The leader for  the meeting that day will sign you up and you can join the group. Meetings start at 12:30 PM Central Standard time and 1:30 Eastern Standard PM time.

Look back on your life up to today and see if you can recognize how that red thread weaving through your own life, no matter how difficult, how despairing, it is  the fact that    God has always been there with us and we gradually come to believe that He will always be there with us. And as a member of Depressed Anonymous I want  to share with others how that red thread never abandoned me or deserted me, no matter how bad things became.  And so when you do your inventory you too will discern that it has always been God’s will that the hope he provides will free you.








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