9 out of 10 ( doctors, dentists, whoever–fill in your own favorite) ) recommend ( whatever ).

Wouldn’t you just like to see, at least once, why that 1 doctor, dentist, whoever, DIDN”T recommend this or that particular product?  Who knows, it might lead us to rethink whether or not we should buy the highly recommended product. It’s like the TV commercials proclaiming how this or  that  particular medication is the one that can work for us. Well, possibly so, but there is a caution  for those who do choose to use it. Following the glowing, miraculous effects of this or that medication,  or latest product  there follows the frightening list of cautions about what might happen if you do use it. Granted, by law, to protect the consumer,  the product being hawked must list every side effect experienced by a user in the trials before being approved by the Gov’t. But as the list goes on and on about what  MIGHT  befall you by the use of their product this is enough to scare the willies  out of any rational person.

Once  when I gave a doctor at a local  hospital our brochure on Depressed Anonymous, where it was written that  since most medications contain some side effects, it is good that the patient refer  these to their physician. We just wanted to help the person receiving antidepressant medications that there could be side effects for those  taking these meds. Anyway, he didn’t think that disclosure would be helpful to his patients. Well, guess what–now with every med that you put in your mouth and with every filled prescription you receive,  a piece(s) of paper detailing the  side effects of the meds are always included with your meds. Nothing like being prepared for those potential side-effects which you are experiencing and which you need to contact your physician who prescribed them. I am thankful that this information is there for my protection.

My point here  is that  it is wise to consider the dissenting voice among those many who promote a product/group–even a Depressed Anonymous group such as ours. That 1 doctor, nurse, dentist, cardiologist might have something that we might need to be cautioned about.

So the next time you see and hear about a product which 9 out of 10 (whomever) recommend,  you might want to say to yourself, ‘ I wonder that that 1 person didn’t want to recommend about the product.’


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