Dep-Anon Family Support Group


Dep-Anon Family Group

When family members of a depressed loved  one were asked to prioritize, describe, and list which feelings they experienced most often and most intensely, the following are those which they documented:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed and burdened by a family member’s depression. 2) Feeling restricted around the depressed, feeling of something similar to the expression of “walking on eggshells.” 3) Feelings of helplessness 4) Anxiety about the situation and not knowing what to do about the feelings they were experiencing 5) Feeling emotionally drained 6)Feeling inadequate faced with a love one’s immobility and lack of motivation 7) Feeling anger and frustration at the depressed 8) Being an enabler 9) Feeling that one was living an unproductive life as one was stymied by the depressed   unproductive depression 10)  Having feelings of irrationality and impatience 11)  Feeling inadequate 12) Unhappy 13) Feeling betrayed in retirement by spouse’s late-life depression 14) Indecisive 15) Lack of confidence in oneself.

With the publishing and production of the 3rd edition of Depressed Anonymous the loved ones of the depressed will  not only  have a book written by the depressed, a fount of valuable information about the way the depressed live out their lives, but now with the DEP-ANON FAMILY GROUP GUIDE will have their own guide  with its suggested ways on how to relate to the  depressed family   members or friend. This DEP-ANON guide will, chapter by chapter outline a process whereby family members can understand depression and the various ways to cope with those who suffer from it.

DEP-ANON is also about how family members and friends of the depressed can find help and support. I believe now is a good time in the history of our Twelve Step fellowship to spend time refining and detailing strategies for helping family members and friends of the depressed.  In fact, the name chosen for this companion to Depressed Anonymous is DEP-ANON.  The  name and philosophy is much like AL-ANON, the support group for family and friends of the alcoholic.

DEP-ANON places its focus on creating a relationship with the depressed that is not only supportive, but also  creates an environment where the whole family can find healing. Also, we want to spend some time speaking about how we can help our depressed family member find the necessary support so that any future relapse can be prevented. There are a number of routes that can be taken to ensure that this happens and we will discuss them in the following pages . We hope that what you read here will not only be a help to you, but will help your  loved one recover and stay out of the prison of depression.”

SOURCE:   Copyright(c) Dep-Anon Family Group Manual. Pages 1-3

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6 thoughts on “Dep-Anon Family Support Group”

    1. Hi Patty
      Please go to MEETINGS menu at this site, click onto meetings in the US, follow the link which will take you to all the groups that are operating in the US. The DA group that meets everyday at 12:30Pm EST, and 11:30 CST. This is the Journey of Hope meeting. You are most welcome to attend. Click onto the meeting, Join the group and the host will welcome you into the group. Thank you for your message.
      Hugh S

  1. I am new to all this. I am myself suffering from anxiety and depression, due to some mental illness in my family of origin (not my current family) and difficult past circumstances. Medications no longer work for me, so I want to try another approach. I am 72 years old. Is Depressed Anonymous appropriate for sufferers of depression/anxiety, or is it only for people who have someone in their life that is depressed ? My current family does not have anyone that is depressed. If appropriate for me, can you direct me to meetings that would take a person suffering from anxiety/depression?

    1. Hello Claudia

      Thank you for your message about finding a group for depression/anxiety. And yes, we do have a group just for those that you mentioned. If you are depressed and have feelings of anxiety–Depressed Anonymous ZOOM meeting’s may be just what you are seeking. Depressed Anonymous, is most appropriate for all of us who find ourselves battling depression and anxiety. These two issues almost always go together.

      Our Depressed Anonymous fellowship has online meetings every day and you can find them at our website, Journey of Hope, at Click onto the home page at the MEETINGS MENU, click onto DA menu item at online Zoom meetings in the USA. This will give you a link which you can get to a meeting and join in.
      If you are writing from USA, our daily meetings at Journey of Hope, are scheduled from 12:30PM to 1:30PM Eastern Time. Or, our Central standard time meetings are from 11:30 to 12:30PM Eastern time. These are also part of our Journey of Hope daily scheduled meetings.

      You will be asked to join the meeting. Meetings are 1 hour in length. You can come, listen and also participate. as much as you like. We want to welcome you and we hope you will find exactly what you are looking for. I felt right at home when I joined my first 12 Step fellowship group. Claudia, you will find you’re not alone. You are among friends.

      Hugh S., for the fellowship

  2. I live in Florida, I don’t see any groups but sure could us some support. How can I attend a zoom meeting?
    Thank you

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