Depression is more than being sad

Georgina, from the newly formed  Depression Anonymous group in Sydney, Australia sent us her reflection.

Depression doesn’t really feel like sadness to me….it feels like



no motivation,

no desire to do the things I love doing.

Being depressed is more than being “sad.”

Thank you Georgina E., for this powerful quote which you are sharing with us. We are  always happy to get contributions from Depressed Anonymous members. It is a gratitude of ours that the Depressed Anonymous groups are sprouting up around the world. Please go to the  homepage menu  and see the International SKYPE groups meetings listed.  Please join up.  Check time zones so that you can go online live .

Please feel free to access our website at and check out our BLOG and share your  own thoughts with our international fellowship…We want to hear from you.  We are not alone.

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