“…The more we want to experience the temporary comfort of the addiction the more that experience dictates the course of life’s focus.”

Our lives are not lived in  straight lines but in the cycle of a twenty-four hour period. My life used to be filled with pain and hurt. Now my days are beginning to be more hopeful and cheerful as I declare my dependence on my Higher Power rather on my depression. I am conscious of the fact that I have been habituated to thinking only one way about myself all this time, but now with my new recovery experience operating consciously in my life, this has helped me learn to go down new avenues filled with hope instead of the hopelessness and despair of the past.

My focus is on getting myself free from depression. One of the best ways is to take an inventory of my life for me to check out which of my beliefs and attitudes keep me stuck in my depression. I need to ask myself what is my strength that gets me through another day?  Not much will change in my life until I grapple with these areas of my life.


God fill up the holes in our soul which keeps us from thirsting after your justice, your peace, and your will.”

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