“I am like a bird singing in the thicket of thorns.”

In my own recovery program I too see myself as a bird singing in the  thicket of thorns. I have spent nearly 30 years practicing these principles (12 steps) in all areas of my life. First, I had to admit that my problem could not be stopped just by my willing it.  I had to do something about it. My will power was powerless when it came to removing the thorns.

For those in recovery and applying the Steps to their own lives, they know about the thicket of thorns in their lives. They know NOW that they can identify with the bird singing in the thorns and appreciate  the fact that life has changed. Now life has become a hopeful place to live, despite difficulties and problems that at one time used to baffle and destroy our hope and serenity. Most of us felt the sting of thorns  (our addictions) that put us at the end of our ropes. Even though I am still plagued with situations not under my control, I can still sing like the bird, which all those enjoying life in recovery   sing.  I  can sing and belt out with melodious tones  those hopeful verses which profess  a Power greater than myself  as it   continues to restore me to sanity.

I am no longer a lonely bird, sitting out there alone and fearful. Now I am part of a fellowship where everyone sings together. They and myself, even though the thorns are still all around us,  celebrate the reality of our own recovery. We all have a song to sing and the thicket of thorns will  never quiet our desire to  share with others our heartfelt joy  over being free. Truly, it is something to sing about. Will you join our chorus, even though  we are ever mindful of the thorns, but always  aware of that Power greater than ourselves who  keeps us singing!!!



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