I need to keep the focus on HOPE!

“Making direct amends and taking a personal inventory continues our progress in the program and helps free us from all the hurts of the past. We know now that we can’t afford to think long about real or imagined hurts, or we will throw ourselves back into saddening ourselves once again.”

CLARIFICATION OF THOUGHT                                                       

 One of the things that is toxic to the depressed person is a negative thought. This  thought continues to grow, once nurtured by my attention and rumination, into a large and uncontrolled wild weed taking all the attention from the good things happening in my life. I know that I can no longer give into that first thought that I keep allowing to pound me into the ground.  My negative thinking is very much akin to drinking for the alcoholic. Once I give into that first moment of self-bashing, the depression spiral begins.

     Hurts form my past continue to grow  stronger the more I  allow them to dominate my thinking and my behavior. Hurts are best eradicated when I deal with them openly and honestly.


   Our spirit hopes in God as we begin today with a prayer and a belief that this day can be a good one  like all the good days that I have had in my past.   (Personal comment).


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