I will live in the solution – not the problem



“Truly, I know this is where the great security lies, being responsible for myself. If all I did was to sit around and say poor me, and woe is me, I am not only making life tough on myself but I am also making life miserable for those around me. This is why I,   as a writer and therapist, and one who has been depressed, know that it is only when I get moving, even though I felt like death,  that I will began to feel  better. I will now make myself feel better. I want to enjoy this world. I am tired of the pain of blaming anyone for my problems because no one is making me live in  the problem. No one is making me feel worthless. I will live in the solution from now on. The solution for me is working my Twelve Step program of recovery and  I am now willing to face the enemy and start the changing process.


Faith can move mountains. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened  unto you. I believe this.

SOURCE:  HIGHER  TOUGHTS FOR DOWN DAYS.  365 daily thoughts and meditations for members of Twelve Step groups. DAP. Louisville. (February 3rd. )

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