It’s Been a Busy Week

How has your week been? I hope it has been a good one as you continue to
read the Depressed Anonymous Literature and apply it to your everyday
life. I read something every morning –especially Higher Thoughts for Down
Days–and use the daily reflection on how the daily thought applies to my
own efforts at recovery. All in all I find that with a daily meditation
and reflection life appears more hopeful. I find this works for me. It’s a
plan that has positive results.

We (DA Group) are planning to get together after our weekly DA meeting and
discuss one of our week’s Higher Thoughts–one that we find especially
applicable to each of our own lives. Each person will be able then to
submit this to our BLOG–right here — and this can motivate others to
write and share their own thoughts as well.

What do you think? Or you also can just write and tell us how your week is
going/went. You might just like to pose a question to the BLOG group and
find what others are thinking and how the Steps work for them. Or, you can
just read the BLOGS as they appear on our website. Just know that we
welcome you whenever you want to write.

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