Linda’s compulsive overeating took her to the edge

Read Linda’s solution to her compulsive overeating as she explains  below in her Personal Story. 

At one point in her compulsive eating,  suicide  came to be a welcome thought. No more pain she thought. Eventually she realized that no amount of food could fill that hole in her soul. When she weighed more than  150 pounds in ten years,  she was terrified. She was  scared. But as she said, she really wanted to live. So what were her choices? What could she do?

          “Then a friend told me about Depressed Anonymous and I was so desperate that I went. To my surprise, these wonderful people accepted me, all of me, for myself. They  encouraged me right from the start. They were open and honest about their pain and consistently reassured me that I could make it. But I would have to work very hard, because you have to really fight depression – negative thoughts replaced by positive thoughts -action to create motivation. Most of all, I had to surrender to God, quit controlling everything and everyone, including God. Let go and let God. So I started reading the Twelve Steps. At first I was really rebellious, so much so that  I didn’t go back for two weeks. I was too depressed, but inside  I knew the Steps had the key to get me out of this prison. They pointed me to my Higher Power, which unashamedly  is Jesus Christ. Now I attend every meeting, sharing the things I learned and the times I fail (which are still quite a few) into depression. But it is working, and I could not be writing this right now if it was not for the love and the support of these very special people. As a matter of fact, I told them once a week was not enough for me. The leader suggested that I start another one, which is just what I have done. I now attend the meetings twice a week–twice is nice.”

To sum it up, Depressed Anonymous has pointed to the only hope there is – our Higher Power is the only way out. Our Higher Power is the key, the life, and the hope. And once I have been able to admit that, every one in the group has been very loving and supportive. After all, they have all been where I am today.” 



(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY. Personal Stories. Pages 116-117.

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