No magic cure. No magic wand. Helen tells us how recovery works!


Helen, member of Depressed Anonymous  tells it like it is in her Personal Story.

“Now that I look back and see the way I was and see how I am now, I can’t believe that I ever knew that other  This person is different altogether. I like this person very much. I am thankful to the group. They are just wonderful. They are my family. They are my Depressed Anonymous family. I also have my church family. It is a wonderful feeling to know that there is a Higher Power  that can help you through these things. At  first, I thought, “I doubt that very much ” when everyone was talking about the Higher Power and  having peace in my life.  It happened to me. Every few days, the world dumps down on you and beats you down. That’s just life. I always think to myself that there is that extra strength that I didn’t have before. I feel that everything is going to be OK with me. I have that peace now myself.

It can’t happen overnight. I know what the people who come to Depressed Anonymous for the first time feel. When you go through the long weeks and days and give it all you got, it will happen to you just as it happened to me. There is no magic cure. Thee is no magic pill. It is a long process. It will happen and does happen. It is so much better than staying in their dark hole and not getting anything out of life. No longer could I blame this one or that other one for causing me pain. I know that it was me that was beating me up. I was unequipped to handle the problems of my life without the Higher Power, without the tools and material to build the better life.”

PS  Helen, tells us that she had to get her priorities straight which she did. She is now undepressed because she DID get her priorities straight.

SOURCE: Pages 147-148. Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Personal Stories section #28/31

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