Powered Up!

Powered up can mean a countless number of things to a lot of different people. It means that by involving myself in certain activities, I benefit from moving on to what I know is vital for me. Necessary in the sense of staying fit and healthy (walking, weight training), I get myself powered up to do what I want to do. For the athlete, or musician, writer, songwriter, and others, we all get powered up by doing whatever is needed to be the best we can be. When this happens, we feel powered up.

As a member of the Depressed Anonymous Fellowship, I am powered up when I involve myself in positive and healthy daily activities. This means that I am open and willing to do all that it takes to get myself undepressed, maintaining a daily regimen for my recovery.

Here is a formula for getting yourself powered up.

  1. I do positive self-talk. I no longer fall into the trap of self-bashing. I produce “sunspots (memories, pictures) in my mind” that keep me positive.
  2. I walk as often as I can when I can. Usually, three times a week.
  3. I pray and meditate daily and keep in touch with my Higher Power – having conscious contact with my God.
  4. Social engagement. I keep going to my Depressed Anonymous meetings, whether online or face to face. This is a must! Meetings energize me and motivate me always to want to come back.
  5. Exercise keeps me powered up. I feel energized, and I feel in harmony when I am in nature. Go green!!! Nature has a calming effect on me.
  6. Staying in the NOW. Practice mindfulness.
  7. Serve as a co-sponsor for a member of our fellowship. Call a friend when in need. Meet with members between meetings.
  8. Read Depressed Anonymous literature.
  9. Eat a healthy plant-based diet.
  10. Play. Have fun.

Hugh, for the fellowship

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