Question: What are worst things to say to someone who is depressed?


  •  “But it’s all in your mind.”
  • “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”
  •   “You have so many things to be thankful for, why are  you depressed?”
  •  “You   have it so good, why aren’t you happy?”
  •  “Well at least it is not that bad..”
  •  “There are a lot of people who are worse off than you.”
  •   “Have you gotten tired yet of all this  me me  stuff?”
  •  “Everybody has a bad day now and then.”
  •  “You can do anything you want if you just set your mind to it.”
  •  “You don’t look depressed.”



  Sources: 1)Compiled by [email protected] at

2) Dep-Anon Family Group Manual. (2002) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page AA.

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