When opportunity knocks – open the door!

Yes, that is great advice. When something comes your way,  and you refuse to even consider it–that could be  a BIG mistake. Let me give you an example.

Many years ago, I met a fellow who was very depressed. He felt like there was nothing that he touched that didn’t result in a personal disaster. The more he resisted the opportunities, the greater his frustration grew. He wondered why? Was it because he saw the opportunities as something  other than a possibility for growth and success,  or did he see them as out of reach for him personally.  I didn’t know  what he thought but this I did know, that whatever he thought, he never opened the door! His continued low mood eventually spiraled down so that he closed the door permanently. Suicide became his only option and that sadly was the door  he opened.

Years ago, in my own life, I had the opportunity to open a door that provided me with a  storehouse of possibilities for my life.  I walked through the door and found hope and access to a plan for my life that came with a warranty – a lifetime guarantee for personal  hope and serenity.

That warranty is as good today as it was when I heard that knock more than 30 years ago. Now I am  sharing with others how they will find sobriety  and serenity  if they answer the knock and enter a new world of hope. The  same plan comes with a promise that is being fulfilled in the lives of thousands today, “sometimes quickly-sometimes slowly.”

The door that I am talking about is the door of Depressed Anonymous which when opened provides untold opportunities for peace, hope and a plan. All one has to do is find others like oneself and hear and read how opportunity knocked. They were ready to find out what so many others had discovered for their own lives.

31 people have shared their own personal stories in Depressed Anonymous and have not only  did they “get” the plan for daily living they also got the warranty that promises a depression -free way to live. Will you open that door today?


Source: Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Ky. (Contains 31 personal stories)

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