When the student is ready the teacher arrives


My shame of not being in control of  my life has paradoxically placed me in more of a state of powerlessness,  feeling hopeless and helpless.

“…that’s the way it is with depression –over the years you get comfortable with being miserable, which doesn’t mean you like it,  but that you’re just too afraid to risk feeling different.

Now that I have admitted I am having a difficult time living, I wanting  to learn some new avenues that will make my life more enjoyable and   more livable.

I know now that at this point that I think my life is at its lowest point  – that is when  this program of recovery came into my life. I believe with the Psalmist  that who said  that we need to commit ourselves to God, trust in God, and that the God of my understanding will act in my behalf.

When I learn to let   go of all those persons, mental images, past hurtful situations and memories, the better I am able  to let God control my life. I find this “letting go” a fearsome project. I nevertheless  find that I must do it– if I want to find hope .

Some of the major ways people help build the walls  of their depression are to consider themselves worthless. They won’t allow themselves to get angry.  They can’t forgive themselves or others, and they believe that life is hard and death is worse. Also, they  believe that since bad things happened to them in the past bad things are bound to happen to them in the future.”


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See the Home Study project for more information  for working with another for one’s recovery.

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