Well, what a surprise Easter Sunday when our four Grandchildren came to find the 38 or so hidden colored Easter eggs  hidden around our yard.  But there was a surprise waiting for them. And  for myself as well. Right there in our yard, was a huge bunny. Who said there was no such animal as an Easter Bunny?  And previous to this,  we finally got past the Santa Claus thing without too much  damage  to the children’s psyche.  Like all children,  they eventually  moved on and past the Santa Claus mythology. Now we all had to  think about the Easter Bunny. Here, in our own back yard, was the living proof, a real live bunny. And a big bunny at that. The children were in awe. And to think he (yes, a he) laid  38 eggs all by himself. Amazing to say the least.  But after all was said and done, what the children put into their Easter baskets,such as candy, gum and coins  took most of  the shine off of the rabbit’s magic  appearance. They knew. Not even our 5 year old got pulled in on this one. With all the emotion of a large rock,  not even one of the children even mentioned this supernatural event –this cosmic  occurrence – when a bunny “just happened” to show up in our yard on this day, Easter Sunday. It does sort of baffle the mind, does it not?


And again (I can’t let go of this) to set the record straight, it WAS quite a coincidence to have the bunny show up, on this day, on the traditional day when children all are on the hunt for eggs, and all the other good stuff that kids love. Anyway, I just thought that it made  a good story – especially a true story. It’s my guess, that they will remember this day for many a year hence. And just maybe, an Easter bunny just might show up when their kids are looking for eggs, candy, gum and all the good stuff that kids love. Thank you Easter bunny.


Dear reader, I know this bunny account has nothing to do with depression but just maybe it can get us to reminisce about a time in our lives when our thoughts turned to discovering those hidden eggs in our back yard, placed there by a bunny whom we never saw, but believed he was  real.

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