You get what you want by releasing. – Lester Levenson

How is that for a paradox? How can you get something by letting it go? Is there a problem here that we don’t understand? Most times we figure that only when we hold tightly to something WHICH we desire, it will be given to us. This does seem to be a little “off the wall” type of thinking but let’s take a deeper look into this statement.

The best way to hold a handful of sand in your hands is to just let the sand grains sit there. They are just there – much at peace with each other. But when you start to squeeze your hands and tighten your grip on the sand-what happens? You guessed it. The sand begins to move out through the fingers with pressure forcing them out through and off the hand.

Here is my take on this matter. In the real world of thinking, feeling, and behaving my own reflections tell me that the more you persist in doing something your way, the more resistance may begin to counteract your choice. It’s much like tightening a bolt just one more turn and guess what? The bolt breaks. Too tight.

In the spiritual world, so I have learned, is that when I let go, let God work out its will in my life, that what I want begins to be released for me. As it is said in the Promises of Depressed Anonymous that this new me, waiting instead of rushing, I find what I release eventually comes to me.

We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves. sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. “Are these extravagant promises?” We think not. They will always materialize if we work for them.


Depressed Anonymous 3rd Edition, © 2011, Depressed Anonymous Publications, Louisville KY.

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