A Therapist’s view of Depressed Anonymous

“The spiritual program of Depressed Anonymous is its greatest strength. People come together and hear from one another how their higher power is  healing and guiding  their lives. They realize that in being part of the group  they are not alone, and also encourage true healing.  Depressed Anonymous has been a wonderful healing tool in the lives of many depressed persons I’ve worked with. It will always be one of the greatest resources I use in my work. It is true that “it works if you work it.”

Denise List    M.Ed  Louisville, KY

2 thoughts on “A Therapist’s view of Depressed Anonymous”

  1. I sent a donation to DA through PayPal. I asked for a response to let me know my donation was received. No one responded. I don’t appreciate being treated like this. I will not be sending any more donations.

    1. I’m sorry you experienced that. The fellowship of Depressed Anonymous (this website) does not have any means to accept PayPal donations. Every Depressed Anonymous group is autonomous and they can set up ways of accepting donations. Perhaps you donated to one of these groups and conflated that group and Depressed Anonymous as a whole. Putting the donation issue aside I hope you are getting the support you need from attending meetings.

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