Being part of something bigger than ourselves is the secret!

I have always felt that the best way to try and live a life of peace and hope, especially when I was depressed, was  to be part of a group.  The group of my choice was  the Depressed Anonymous meeting.   It was at these meetings, plus reading the literature, written by those who  themselves had been depressed, all together provided me with the tools, the keys to leaving the barred doors of the prison of my depression.

In our world today, where we have the most technically advanced   communication tools ever used by humanity, we seem to understand each other less. A paradox if there ever was one.

In  this age of “selfies” and  less face to face communications between people makes communication even more difficult. If I am depressed my usual behavior is to go and isolate myself. It is in the isolation that my depression deepens and gets worse.

” It is recommended that you  commit to reading everything that you can pertaining to the 12 Steps, the Depressed Anonymous fellowship and how to feel better yourself.  You may want to   read some of the past issues of  the Newsletters at our website ( plus past posts of which there are about 700 plus.

All this information will bring you up to speed as to who we are and what we are about. Let us know if there are any questions that we might be able to answer for you. We will be more than happy to help you.


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