How can I help the depressed? Join a Dep-Anon Family Group.


“One thing I’ve learned is that of all the horrendous problems we face in the world, what strikes me as the root cause of them all, and it is a myth: “I don’t have any power.” Mark DuBois, Director of Worldwise.

“Many times the desire to help the depressed pushes the helper deeper into the isolation of the depressed -mirroring the reality of the depressed person.”

Sometimes in our efforts to help the depressed significant other, we often forget that it is our own recovery that needs to be first considered. We need a fresh approach and we need a plan. We can now admit that we became angry because our depressed friend  didn’t recover according to our schedule of events for  their life. We might have even berated our depressed friend or family members that all they had to do was pick themselves up by their boot straps and all would be well. Now that our eyes have been opened and our minds have been enlightened we realize that we are learning new ways to take care of ourselves.

We want to be conscious of the ways that have neither helped or fixed our depressed significant other.   Because  our ways have not worked is no reason why we need to beat ourselves up over the past experiences which have done more harm possibly than good.

We might even begin to talk to our loved one about how we now are going to take care of ourselves. We  also might tell  how we are getting help for ourselves. We are doing what we have asked them to do so that they might get the help that they need.

Our recovery begins the minute we make the decision to turn our minds and our wills over to the care of God as we understood God.  ” ( Page 64, Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition).

We are learning that our own individual strength, our sanity if you will, comes from our active participation in the Dep-Anon Family Group where we are no longer alone, but instead find ourselves in touch with a healing  process of those much like ourselves. Instead of casting any blame at the depressed significant other we now are in the active process of discovering areas in our own  lives that need work. (The Dep-Anon Family Group, pages AR-AS.)

SOURCES:  Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY.

Copyright(c) The Dep-Anon Family Group, Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY.


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  1. My name is Laureen but I go by Taylor and I am 43 years old. My sister’s name is Debra. After losing our mother on 12/24/17, I fought for and was granted guardianship of my sister who is Totally Mentally Impaired (TMI). She’s 41 but has the mentality of a 6-month old baby. She’s non verbal and non communicative. I’m looking for local support groups, either online or in person, to get emotional and mental support and possibly a grief support group. Can you help with that?

    1. Hello Taylor
      Hi Taylor
      Thank you for your request for help in meeting the needs of your sister, your taking guardianship of her as well as taking good care of your own self and your needs. I do know this, that you are pointed in the right direction. I know that a support group not only provides caring and help for you and your sister, plus learning skills, for giving her your loving care by learning important skills from others who are facing the same challenges as are you.

      My granddaughter has special needs, as she is challenged with Down syndrome as well as being autistic and non-verbal. My wife and I, with her parents and siblings all take care of her (we, 3 x a week) giving her all the love that we can. She is enrolled in a program which gets her and her family involved in a number of ongoing programs. She completed a summer “camp” program where she enjoyed the fellowship of others who also had special needs.
      I searched the web and found some resources that might be what you are looking for. Here are a few:

      1.Mental Health America Phone 1 800 969 6642 _They list support groups which can be helpful. They list
      a ZOOM Grief Support Group 24/7–Peer based.
      2. 7 Best online Grief Support Group of 2021.
      3. In person grief support group –www. . (Even though this group is possibly a local group, they might know of other groups which are local or have a listing of national local groups
      4. A national group (online)
      5. Since grief is part of all losses, as is depression a part of grieving losses, Check out the website, click onto meetings in US and then see if there is a local face to face group in your State of community. Our website is
      6. The group National Association of Mental Illness For more information that can be helpful. Phone 847.716.2252. Leave your question and phone # so they may contact you.

      Taylor, if we can be of more help, please send us an email to the following address and we will continue to help if and when we are needed.
      Hugh s., at [email protected]

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