What are the triggers that spiral you downward into depression?

Question: How do you see your depression as a compulsion? What are the triggers that cause you to spiral downward back into the dark pit of depression?

When you think of depression do you think of it like one big thing or do you see it for the many parts that make up a depression experience, namely, the way that we think, behave or feel! In other words, when we make it to be a thing, that is, when we reify it — it holds power over us – like it comes out of the blue . We talk about depression in medical terms such as “I just had a bout of depression“, like it came from outside of us like an infectious germ or virus. In reality, our depression is made up of many parts, such as our negative ways of thinking, behaviors and feelings.”

The Depressed Anonymous Workbook, asks us an assortment of questions which can reveal to us the various parts that form our depression experience.

The following questions as proposed by the Workbook, will help you to distinguish those various parts and ultimately to their dismantling.

Which of the following illustrations can you relate to as being a part of your daily living and thinking?

  1. A need to be perfect?
  2. A need to be successful
  3. A need to please others?
  4. A need to never get angry?
  5. A need to have someone in my life love me before I feel like somebody?
  6. A need to always put myself down and think thoughts that I am worthless, and unacceptable to myself and to others.

Now, write down how one or more of the above keeps you down, despairing and hopeless? Also, write about where these attitudes come from?

As we move from one question (from the Depressed Anonymous Workbook) to the next, we will begin to find a way to remove these negatives from our daily behavior.

This week, we will begin to take a deeper look at some of these parts and how they can cause us to be isolated and depressed. Keep coming back and learn more about yourself and ways to be free!


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