“I can be hopeful today!”

” I have an absolute certainty gained by my meetings, my friends in the program, and the literature that I read, that I can get better. I have this feeling in me that since this universe is operating on a regular harmonious  principle of  unity, I need to run on the same principle. The principle that I want to guide my life on today is that I can indeed be hopeful if I want to be. My depression, if allowed free reign, could lead to worse scenarios where my life is now.”


“The more conscious I am of God being in charge of this universe and it seems to be operating on its own pretty well, the more we want to try and let go of controlling everyone’s life  and world. We pray that our Higher Power will guide us beyond the limits of our absolute beliefs and into  a new world where we can be a different person and free.”

SOURCE:  Copyright(c) Higher Thoughts for Down Days: 365 Daily Thoughts and Meditations for Members of 12 step Fellowships. (2007) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Pages 145, 146. July 21.


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