“I no longer experience those bleak, black, hopeless periods. My life is joyful.”

Beginning with this post today, we will inaugurate a brand new series,  sharing portions of personal stories   of those who  have a new life,  thanks to their participation in the fellowship of Depressed Anonymous. Each of those  who share their story   have made the  12 Steps a central factor in their own recovery.

Lois tells us that “the blackness – the despair – withdrawing more and more into myself – the hopelessness – there was no joy and I could no longer pretend. My husband said “You need to get some help.” I knew that he was right but I was always the one who helped others. Our newspaper carried a listing of all the support groups in the community and I found the notice for a Twelve Step Depressed Anonymous  group. I had never heard of it before, but I knew it fit. This group was just forming and was there when I needed it.

I had knowledge of Twelve Step programs and actually believed that I lived that life. Today I know that I previously had head knowledge but today I live the Twelve Steps.

It was December of 1992 that I made that decision. I know that I was powerless over depression and that my life had become unmanageable. I was  willing to do anything that Depressed Anonymous offered. I wanted to get rid of the pain. If Depressed Anonymous had told me  I would get well if I stood on my head three times  a day, I would have done it.  Daily, I read from the book (Depressed Anonymous)  and consciously worked the Twelve Steps.  I worked them one at a time. from Step One through Step Twelve. Working the Steps to me meant posting the Step I was working on and consciously pondering it throughout the day.

….The book gave me a formula. It promised me that I would feel better if I attended meetings, worked my Twelve Step program, ate properly, got an exercise program, and talked about my sadness to others.  I also started a journal, not just to state my woes, but with the intention of finding a solution. Each week, I articulated my unhappiness and my story to people who would listen and over time, inner wisdom began to unscramble the mess.”

SOURCEDepressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications.  Louisville. (Personal Stories section). Pages 110-111.

Tomorrow we will share more of Lois’ thoughts here online. Feel free to give feedback on her story.

To read more of the sharing of Lois please go to our Depressed Anonymous book to which she refers   and read more of her story. Her story is on pages 110-111 in the Personal Stories section of our manual.

VISIT THE STORE for literature on the Steps and Depression. You will find much of what you are looking for  help with  your own recovery .


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