I was a compulsive overeater

Hi, my name is Linda and I am more than glad to share what Depressed Anonymous has done for me.
I am the child of an alcoholic father and I seem to fit well into the characteristics of the child of an alcoholic parent, guilt, shame, worthlessness, low self-esteem. I abhor alcohol to this day, but my addiction has become food. I am a compulsive overeater, having gained more than one hundred and fifty pounds in ten years. I am petrified by this. I had gotten to the point of withdrawal from everyone, was terribly lonely, and very depressed. I hit bottom. By this time, I was feeling so worthless, hopeless and depressed that the thoughts of suicide was the only relief that I could find. What really scared me was that I almost found pleasure in these thoughts.
After all, there would be no more pain. But deep down inside I really wanted to die. I love life and I want to live life to the fullest. But how? The depression just keeps coming and pushing at me, and a million negative thoughts that seem to completely overwhelm me at times.
Then a friend told me about Depressed Anonymous and I was so depressed that I went to a meeting. To my surprise, these wonderful people accepted me, all of me for myself. They encouraged me right from the start. They were open and honest about their pain and continually reassured me that I could make it. But I would have to work very hard, because you have to really fight depression – negative thoughts replaced by positive thinking. Action to create motivation. Most of all I tried to surrender to God! So I started reading the Twelve Steps. Most of all, I had to surrender to God, quit controlling everything and everyone, including God. Let go and let God. So I started rereading the Twelve Steps. At that time I was really rebellious, so much so that I didn’t go back for two weeks. I was too depressed, but inside I knew the Steps had the key to get me out of this prison. They pointed me to my Higher Power, which unashamedly is Jesus Christ. Now I attend every meeting sharing the things I learned and the times I fell (which are still quite a few) into depression. But it is working and I could not be writing this right now if it was not for the love and the support of these very special people. As a matter of fact, I told them that once a week was not enough for me. The leader suggested that I start another group, which is just what I have done. I now attend the meetings twice a week. – twice is nice.
To sum it up, Depressed Anonymous has pointed to the only hope there is – our Higher Power is the only way out. Our Higher Power is the key, our life and the hope.
And once I have have been able to admit that, everyone in the group has been very loving and supportive. After all, they have all been where I am today.
— Linda, a member of Depressed Anonymous

Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous, THIRD EDITION (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY. Pages 116-117. Personal Story #6. I was a compulsive overeater.

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