I’m depressed. How can a group of other depressed persons help me?

Good question. Let me tell you this. The people best able to tell you about leaving the prison of depression are people like us who are or were depressed at one time, or even many times before. In fact, some of us in our fellowship tried to end our lives because of the pain of depression. We do have a solution to the problem. We speak the language of depression, which means our isolation, our continued and oppressing negative thinking and our constant thoughts on how bad life is for us. But the good point here is, because we are feeling better, we share our hope and new found recovery with all those who will listen.

We are not the people with the silver bullet or the magic wand that mysteriously and magically takes away the pain that we feel 24/7. But in our group meetings and by reading literature written by people like ourselves–done that, and been there — we begin to have hope that maybe something good can happen for me too. Now if you want to believe what I just told you, then please read on.

It’s said that it takes one to know one. And if you are depressed and you want to feel at home with people like yourself, then you need to look into our fellowship Depressed Anonymous. Click onto a search engine like Google and go to our website Depressed Anonymous and discover for yourself who we are and what we do. You can even subscribe (free) to our Newsletter. (See Newsletter Archives at the site menu). You might also want to scroll down the Blogs written by those of us who are getting the message out that there is hope for those of you want to try our way.

And for those of you who do not have a meeting in their own community, we have a HOME STUDY PROGRAM in which you can learn all about our program of recovery at your own leisure and find how there is a real hope that you can feel better like the rest of us in the program of Depressed Anonymous.

Please take a look at VISIT OUR DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS PUBLICATIONS BOOKSTORE and discover the helpful literature that will inspire you and provide you with the tools to overcome your own depression.

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