“It all starts with one.”

A popular singer from Norway (Ane Brun)  penned the lyrics of a song which I found to be a powerful testament to the “power of one.” If you type in the words “It all starts with one ” at You Tube you can hear the song and read the lyrics as well.

Over these many years with our fellowship Depressed Anonymous I have found that the song “It all starts with one ” to be a powerful reminder of the power individuals have when they have a passion for service. I am referring to those persons who start Depressed Anonymous meetings in their communities.  They are the living proof  that it only takes one person to share their passion and set up a meeting for those “still suffering” from depression.  Most DA group  founders who  have started groups I know personally . Some are still at it after a decade or so of service.

Yes, it’s true. “It all starts with one” . Are you that one?  Let us know  at Depressed Anonymous if you are interested in helping others like yourself who are depressed. Depressed persons are looking to you for help.

Contact us here at info@depressedanonymous or email us   at [email protected].


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