When I was in the midst of my depression fog and looking for a way out, I thought–“hey, what in the world is the matter with me anyway.”  Since I had never felt this way in my life before it was impossible for me to make a diagnosis. I wasn’t able to attach even a  label to my situation.

All I knew was that I had better get moving–out of bed for starters. Now that wasn’t complicated. Just a simple fact that I had to roll out of bed and get moving. I did just that. I continued to do just that–day after day- just kept rolling out of bed. Anyway, after weeks of this I began to feel a tad better. Briefly. Then the fog came closing in on me–much like the  Red sea swallowing up Pharaoh’s soldiers.

Because I had already set up a Depressed Anonymous group in our community –I just hopped( I might say a reluctant hop)  over to a meeting and starting applying the spiritual Principles of the Twelve Steps to my depression. I knew that worked. Joining was not a complicated deal either. Like the song “Walk right in and sit right down” tells us–that  is all I had to do. (You might want to read about my own journey in DEPRESSED ONCE-NOT TWICE –an autobiography of sorts.)

We now have a Home Study Program  which  you can use the Depressed Anonymous Manual (Big Book) and the coordinated Depressed Anonymous Workbook to help you make your way through the fog–step by step. And, that’s not complicated either. What makes depression a complicated affair is to do nothing. Then it gets complicated.

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