Leading a life filled with purpose and passion!

“We accept and believe that however hopeless everything appears now, we will recover from our depression.”  1st of the 15 beliefs. 

“We know that this belief is one of the most powerful things that we can hang onto as we move through the painful experience of depression. I have spent decades of working directly with depressed individuals and their families. Also. by my own  active participation in the 12 step recovery program, I know that those persons who keep coming back  to meeting after meeting, week after week, usually get better.”

In the coming days, I would like to familiarize you, the reader, with 15 ways that we can leave the prison of depression. I know there are so many more, but I chose some of the ways that I believe will be a great help in leaving the prison of depression.

I will be making reference to some of the thoughts from each of these 15 ways describing a pathway to freedom from the bondage of my depression.

When I entered through the door of my 1st  12 step meeting  these 35 years ago, I was scared. I was also certain  that I needed help. I knew that I must act and learn from folks who claimed they had gotten help and were breaking free from the life threatening grip of depression.   I also knew that the more I tried to figure this  all out in my head, I was like the dog chasing its tail.

Now, being free of the deadening and painful feelings of hollowness,  I know and believe how important it is not to isolate myself but to begin to engage with those just like myself and find some answers to a life that was gradually sinking  in the quicksand of despair.

So, the bottom line is to have that faith, that belief that I too am going to get better. Others have made it and so why can’t I as well.

Because I believed that there was an answer, a hope that I would get better, my life gradually turned from despair to hope .

Let’s say that there are no Depressed Anonymous meetings in your community and so how can you get help? Basically this book has been written to let you know that there are ways where you too can leave your depression behind. Granted you will need more than just a belief  to get out of the prison but you must begin to act on these beliefs.  As the old Russian states : Believe but keep you oars in the water and continue to row to shore.

Believing is seeing: 15 ways to leave the prison of depression will help you get to the safety of the shore of hope and healing.

“And once we get involved with our 12 step program of recovery  we discover that our journey of hope is just begining. We are depressed and we know what we have. It is knowing what we have now and doing something about it that is the challenge facing us. We know that in order to survive  and lead a life filled with purpose and passion we have to start today to learn all that we can about depression, its consequences if left untreated, and a program that is solution focused. ”  Believing is seeing. Pages 1-2, 10.


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