I have a manual, a Survival Manual if you will, that continues to save the lives of those who feel that they have lost all hope. They feel “locked down” and in a deep dark pit of nothingness.  What used to be a life of daily ups and downs has  spiraled down, spinning out of control. All their thoughts and feelings are swallowed down in this relentless swirling  whirlpool.  A great dark monster  is chewing up our lives moment by moment. The more we fight it without any seeming results,   the more defenseless we become to its ravenous appetite, and the more hopeless our lives become.

Like Job in the Bible, others come round us, and tell us that all we have to do is “just snap out of it” and all will be well. They tell us  to think a positive thought and tell ourselves  of  all the good things that we  are surrounded with–family, friends,  and people who care about us.

It’s all so simple for those who have never been depressed. They don’t realize the pain  our bodies feel, resultant of the  constant pounding of fatigue and our relentless hopeless thinking.

The Depressed Anonymous fellowship is there to help us  survive our feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that kept us isolated and alone.  And by using our Survival Manual and listening to all those  stories from  survivors like ourselves, we loosen the bonds that have kept us imprisoned.

In order for any of us who are presently depressed we highly recommend our Manual which is written by those of us (survivors) who have used the tools for recovery.

Our step by step program of recovery provides a map out of the woods of our confusion, despair and isolation. We have support. We are never alone–unless we choose to be.  If you want  a solution, pick up a copy of Depressed  Anonymous today (Survival Manual) and find hope for your own life–today. Read the   31 stories written by survivors and included in this Manual.

We no longer are victims!

SOURCE Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011)  Depressed Anonymous Publications.. Louisville.

To order your own Survivor’s Manual from Depression, please visit  the store here and for the many other publications which will help you in your  getting free.

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