Are we going around in circles-but going nowhere? There is a solution for this.

“I know that any addiction and compulsive type of behavior gradually removes you from the regular activities of persons around you, including family, friends, and coworkers, until you are established in the narrow confines of pain and isolation. We are always going to be just little more isolated the more we try to think our addiction through in the circle of our thoughts.”


I understand how we have become addicted to all those negative thoughts that we have grown accustomed to talking to ourselves about. Today, I have decided that I am willing to let go of these old and counter productive familiar ways of thinking and feeling about myself.  I have begun to think thoughts that have an air of lightness and hope about them. I want to be true to my best self and just believe that today is a better day than was yesterday. I am, today, breaking out of my negative thinking and into the light of new and positive thoughts about myself. The more I feel that my life has purpose and is going somewhere the more hope I begin to feel rise up in my heart. My new activities each day also promote a sense of well being and pleasure in my life..


God, help us to realize that the best exercise and activity that we can do is to attempt to quiet our restless and wandering mind on your name and pray that you might lead us to think thoughts that are your inspiration and making.”

Copyright(c) HIGHER THOUGHTS FOR DOWN DAYS: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for 12 step fellowship groups.(2014) DAP. Louisville, Ky. September 13. Page 184.

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