I Don’t Have To Feel This Way!

As one person told Dorothy Rowe: “When I think of all those years I wasted being depressed, I wish  I would have listened. I’d wish I’d realized that all I had to do was say that I had enough of being put upon and put down,  feeling that there was something wrong with me. I’d like to go up to the hospital and tell everybody: ‘You don’t have to be like this.’ Up there nobody ever told me that.  I’d see those people going on and on being miserable. If I’d have seen someone like me now, it would have given me hope.”

SOURCE: Depressed Anonymous. 3rd edition. Depressed Anonymous Publications,. Louisville. P.72.


How often do we present this message to those who enter into our world.  Our world is one of hope, possessed with the awesome reality that I am different. I have changed.  I can use my tool kit of the 12 steps to gradually dismantle and replace the negative features of my life with new directions, new behaviors and continuing to put into action those positive beliefs about who I am. The Depressed Anonymous fellowship helps us meet others who were depressed and  who now are living a full life.  We are grateful for coming into contact with those who  have a  story of hope to share. So, if you are feeling miserable and helpless, just know  that what you read here will definitely make a difference in your life. We don’t have a magic wand that will take away your pain but we do have a step by step recovery process that can  lighten your load and give you courage to live one hour, one 24 hour period at a time. You are no longer alone. No “snap out of it” from our group. You can make your decision today to join us and  begin a journey that can  lead you eventually  to say,  “I don’t have to be like this.” I did!


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have To Feel This Way!”

    1. Judy
      Thanks for the note. Yes, anxiety is really a large part of depression. At least it was for me. Depression experiences are similar in many ways but unique as well to the individual. I do hope that you first look at the Steps on our menu and see if you can relate to them for your own situation. I will try and post some info from our DA Workbook for you and others which may be helpful. be helpful.
      Walking over time helped me. But, for most of us the depression experience is not a simple one cause thing usually. Look at your diet, your physical exercise, how you talk to yourself, your relationship to your Higher Power. So, Judy as you can see, it is not so simple and that is why I always say that with TIME and WORK and talking with other depressed persons can be helpful to you and to me. Keep on sharing and hopefully something good will happen for you as it did for me.

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