Skate to where the puck’s going, not to where it’s been. – Wayne Gretzky

For a world renowned hockey player, Wayne Gretzky, knows what he is talking about. Isn’t it true that when we spend all our time trying to figure out why we are depressed, isolating ourselves, and our mind beating ourselves up, we dig that dark hole deeper.

It’s become obvious to most of us who are in recovery, that we do best when we have a workable plan. We believe that our plan, when lived out in our daily regular routines, will take us to where we want to go. Our plan has a definite focus.

First, let’s figure out who we are. That’s our starting point. To find out who we are can gradually lead us to another important question, what do I want? And finally, who is my God, or my Higher Power.

Today, I am going to attend an important meeting. I am going to meet some new people, plus many old friends and acquaintances, and hearing some great thoughts from those who know where they have been and are now discovering where this plan is taking them on the road to recovery.

I know where I have been. I was depressed. The meeting today is for me, and for those who are depressed now, and those who are discovering and sharing how this 12 Step plan of recovery is working for them. We call this plan, Depressed Anonymous, initially based on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step model of recovery for the alcoholic. Even though depressed, we find that the 12 spiritual principles, the steps of recovery, work equally well for us.

Now that I admitted to who I am, my response to the healing ways, provided by my fellowship and the positive Depressed Anonymous literature, I continue to live a daily life, with hope and support. Now, when I get out of bed in the morning I look forward to living my life on life’s terms – not on my terms. Life is good.

I want what I find in my new discovery of a spiritual program, filling me with hope, acceptance. My program of recovery gives me the motivation to maintain a new way of living, filled with a purpose and meaning. I know that I am finally getting what I always wanted, peace, a plan for keeping my focus on where my life is going, not in the negativity and darkness of the past, not only threatened my mental wellness and relationships, but for some, their very lives.

My God? Now, I have a God that I know loves me, supports me in my new life, my new direction. What used to send my feelings and thinking into a spiraling downward, into a deep sadness, but now, since I have ‘made a decision to turn my will and life over to the care of God as I understood God to be’, my life keeps getting better. For that and this program of recovery, I am grateful. (Step 3).


Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous, THIRD EDITION. 2011. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY.

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  1. Hello Jennifer and thank you for writing to us. I know that our program of recovery can be of great help for you. Go to as many meetings as you like (try going to at least 6 meetings and see if they work for you and give promise of a new life for yourself. Meetings are listed every day. Please go to our website at and you will be at our HomepAge…On the bottom line you will click onto an item that says MEETINGS> CLICK ONTO THAT IIEM AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO A DROP DOWN MENU. Click onto the item that says Online DA groups within the US. This will take you to our group meeting information of Journeys of Hope. Meetings are scheduled every day in US at 10:30am to 11 :30amCDT and then 12:30am to 1:30 pm EDT.

    There is a link that you will click onto that will take you to the meeting. Sign in and then you will see a SIGN that says JOIN (upper right hand corner of your computer screen) click onto that and you will be welcomed into the daily program by the host of the meeting.. All you have to do is to tell the group you are new and that they will then ask only your first name. After that, just listen and if you would like to speak to the group you are most welcome to do that.

    I hope all these instructions didn’t get you lost–but this is the best way I can describe how to be part of our healing program of recovery–Called Depressed Anonymous.

    Please know that there is hope here for you as it has been for me. Know that from now on you will not be alone. You can ask for help at the program itself if you feel you would like more help. The folks in these groups are more than happy to help you –I know I have been there.

    Please take care and please let us know if there is any way we can help.


    HughS, for the fellowship

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